Richardson HVAC in Overland Mo

Family owned and operated Heating and air conditioning company based out of Overland Mo. in St. Louis county. Specializing in Residential and Light Commercial properties.

"Our GOAL is to provide our customer’s with safe, friendly, trustworthy service, at a respectable rate. While ever growing and evolving to meet their needs. "

Richardson HVAC in Overland Mo

We serve all your needs in the St Louis area

  • We service all HVAC makes & models.
  • Service & Sales
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Installation & removal


Jim and Carol Richardson raised their family and started their business from their home in Overland. In 2006 they bought and renovated the building at 2612 Woodson Road to house operations for Richardson Heating and Cooling.

Jim has 35+ years of experience in the HVAC trade and holds mechanical licenses for St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and the City of St. Louis. Jim and his oldest son Brad conduct the daily service, maintenance, repair work, and equipment installation throughout the three-county area. Youngest son Nick, a budding musician, sometimes helps out with installation projects and periods of heavy workload.

Carol keeps the office running smoothly whether she is juggling schedules, ordering parts, balancing the books, handling inquiries from customers, or watching the grandchildren. Jim’s brother Robert, the newest addition to the company, helps out with the office work.

It’s not unusual to find the youngest Richardsons, Jim and Carol’s three grandkids, visiting the office. And, on special occasions daughter Jennifer visits from California where she lives with her husband.

We value “Family” at Richardson Heating and Cooling. We strive to give to you and your families the same care and service we demand of ourselves.

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