Rick M, Overland Mo

We recently had a need for an AC unit to go into our upstairs. Our house already had AC, but not our second floor. With a need to move a young son into a new bedroom there, this was a concern. Jim came out to our home and did a thoughtful inspection with me and listened to my ideas and needs. I received a personalized quote shortly thereafter, and okayed the work. In the dead of winter, Richardson was able to get to my home and install this unit before it was needed in quick form. They were prompt, easy to deal with and left my house in great shape when done. I have a home office on the same floor as the unit, and it was evident that Jim was listening to my needs by the fact that he suggested the units controls be placed in that room. They worked with me on where new registers and vents should be placed off of the layout of the room and my needs. When it was all said and done, they even came out and checked the unit before running it for the first time, free of charge! All in all, using them was a great experience that I would suggest to anyone with Heating or Cooling needs! Rick M